Four Types of High Quality Window Films Meet Your Needs . . .

♦ Heat & Fade Rejecting Films:

These films will:
  • Reject up to 98% of fade-causing UV rays
  • Reject up to 78% of the heat producing rays
  • Reduce glare from the sun
  • Provide increased daytime privacy
  • Scratch resistance with non-metallic dyed polyester
  • Tint ranges from 5% to 50%


​♦ High Impact Security Films:

Sunscreen’s security films hold shards of glass in should an object strike and break the glass. They can withstand winds of up to 200 MPH. 

These security films are recommended for those who:
 • Cannot afford hurricane shutters
 • Do not like the appearance of hurricane shutters
 • Cannot or do not want to deal with closing shutters, or
 • Have windows where shutters are difficult to install as                    storms approach

​♦ Decorative Privacy Films:

Sunscreen Glass Tinting offers a variety of decorative films including:

  • Blackout: prevents all light from passing through the glass;

  • White opaque: allows light to pass through without providing any definition of people or objects on the other side (think shower door);

  • Decorative: provide the etched appearance of logos, names and other designs on glass doors, walls and mirrors.

​♦ Specialty Ceramic Films:

These top-of-the-line high tech ceramic films:
  • Allow a very high 70% of visible light transmittance
  • Reduce heat transference by 49%
  • Block 98% of damaging UV rays
  • Have a very transparent look without a shiny appearance.