Q: Do you tint car windows?

No.  We prefer to focus on our area of special expertise so we tint windows in residential and commercial buildings only.  
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Multiple layers of film provide adhesion and strength to glass while rejecting the harmful infrared heat and ultraviolet (UV).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it expensive to tint my windows?

With properly tinted windows you will enjoy increased comfort at a lower cost as you will save money by increasing the energy efficiency and security of your home's windows.

Q. How do I clean my tinted windows?

Just like you do now except that you should not use cleaners containing ammonia as it will degrade the film over time. The best methods are the environmentally friendly vinegar and water or soap and water.

Q. How will window tinting save me money?

Our films block up to 78% of the sun's heat carrying rays placing less demand on your air conditioning.

Q. Will window films protect my furniture and flooring?

In a word, yes!  All films block damaging UV rays to a varying extent with the most effective blocking 99% of these rays.  

Q. How much heat is blocked?

Different films block differing amount of heat.  The most effective block up to 78%.

Q. Tell me more about windstorm protection.

8 mil high impact safety films can increase the strength of ordinary ¼” plate glass when properly secured to the frame allowing it to withstand winds greater than 200 mph as tested at American Testing Laboratories of South Florida.

Q. How do you decide which type of film to use?

Sun Screen's professional consultants will want to understand your needs and objectives to help you decide what is the best solution for your specific problem.  We will help you by considering factors such as the location and orientation of your home.  Surroundings such views into your home from neighboring buildings are also considered.